Safety & Environmental

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24-Hour Emergency Contact Number: 833-722-4625 (833-SABINAL)


As an independent oil and gas company, we recognize that we have a responsibility to all of our stakeholders to integrate health, safety, and environmental management processes into all our work activities. We continually emphasize to all of our employees, as well as all our contractors, that we must meet our operational and financial objectives without endangering the environment or the health and safety of those around us. In order to meet this goal effectively, we seek to continuously improve our processes so that health, safety, and the environment remain among our highest priorities.

We make every effort to comply with or exceed all federal, state, and local health, safety and environmental standards, and are committed to providing all the resources needed to promote and execute safe and environmentally responsible operations.

Safety is one of Sabinal’s Core Values, therefore, we are dedicated to safe operations so that all employees return home in better condition than what they came to work, learning something, improving or growing in some addition to being safe. We take action to implement programs aimed at mitigating safety incidents, highlighting good safety performance and making safety a meaningful topic for our employees. Every person working or visiting a Sabinal location has the authority and responsibility to "stop work" to address unsafe behaviors or conditions... preventing safety or environmental incidents.

HSE Committee

To give additional ownership of operation-level safety performance to our employees, Sabinal formed an HSE Committee in our operating areas in 2018. The committees identify, plan, assist in the implementation of, and monitor and report on HSE initiatives that promote a safe, healthful and environmentally friendly workplace. The HSE Committee is comprised of area individuals such as foremen, lease operators, electricians, office employees and HSE representatives. The committees meet frequently, often monthly, to discuss safety initiatives that are then shared with all employees during group safety meetings.